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What is behind the name? The Blue Ribbon is a standard, a benchmark; the term being used to denote the highest quality. Historically, the usage comes from The Blue Riband, a prize awarded for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by passenger liners, and prior to that from Cordon Bleu, which referred to the blue ribbon worn by an elite order of knights. In the United States, the term was altered to blue ribbon and ribbons of this colour were awarded to winners in athletic or competitive activities.

This search for the superlative is the inspiration behind Blue Ribbon. A company dedicated to providing the finest equipment and services for the hotel industry. Backed by a young and well-trained team, devoted to offering truly personalized service.

And with a repertoire of prestigious clients that reads like the who's-who of the industry. Welcome to Blue Ribbon and we will be serving you shortly.





We work very closely with interior designers, Food & Beverage Managers, Chefs and procurement Companies to provide tailor made products. This includes creating the complete table-top for the restaurants, rooms and spas. Presentations are made through very high quality mood boards and renderings at no extra cost. Choose from our vast array of products, from traditional European to Asian – visit our state-of the art showroom and we will assist you in creating a world class ambience for your restaurants and rooms. We call ourselves 'Hospitality Connoisseurs' because that's exactly who we are.  


With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality business, Mr. Prakash Menon established Blue Ribbon in 2010. Within a very short span of time, Blue Ribbon is currently one of the leading hospitality companies in the UAE thanks to its vision for innovation and its strong ties with the best brands available.





Blue Ribbon offers its customers advice about everything related to hotel and restaurant supplies and furnishings. Our sales department studies the needs of each client and defines options that fit every budget. We are not simply providers, but true collaborators capable of always offering the best.






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